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What’s The Difference? Wedding Shower vs. Bridal Shower

friends hugging during a bridal shower

As you plan a pre-wedding celebration, you may have come across the terms “wedding shower” and “bridal shower.” While these events share similarities, there are key differences that set them apart. Understanding the distinctions between a wedding shower and a bridal shower can help you plan the perfect event for yourself or a loved one.

What is a Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is a traditional pre-wedding event typically organized by the maid of honor, bridesmaids, or close female relatives of the bride. The primary purpose of a bridal shower is to celebrate the bride and her upcoming marriage. It’s an opportunity for the bride’s friends and family to come together, shower her with love, and offer gifts that will help her set up her new home.

Characteristics of a Bridal Shower

  • Guest List: Bridal showers usually have an all-female guest list, which often includes the bride’s closest friends, family members, and female relatives from both sides of the family.
  • Gifts: Guests typically bring gifts for the bride, which can include items for the couple’s home, lingerie, or personal items for the bride herself.
  • Activities: Bridal showers often feature games, activities, and light-hearted fun, all focused on the bride and her upcoming wedding.

What is a Wedding Shower?

A wedding shower, also known as a couple’s shower, is a more modern, inclusive twist on the traditional bridal shower. This event celebrates both the bride and groom and is often organized by close friends or family members. A wedding shower’s main purpose is to bring the couple’s loved ones together to shower them with love and support before their big day.

Characteristics of a Wedding Shower

  • Guest List: Wedding showers usually include a mixed-gender guest list, with friends and family members of both the bride and groom in attendance.
  • Gifts: Guests typically bring gifts for both the bride and groom, often focusing on items that the couple can use together in their new life.
  • Activities: Wedding showers often feature games and activities that involve both the bride and groom, as well as their friends and family members.

Choosing Between a Wedding Shower and Bridal Shower

Deciding between a wedding shower and a bridal shower depends on the preferences and personalities of the couple. If the bride prefers a traditional, female-focused celebration, a bridal shower may be the best choice. On the other hand, if the couple wishes to include both the bride and groom in the festivities and have a more inclusive guest list, a wedding shower may be a better fit.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to host a wedding shower or a bridal shower, the most important thing is to create a memorable and enjoyable event that celebrates the couple’s love and upcoming marriage. No matter which type of shower you decide on, focus on the couple’s personalities and preferences to ensure a unique and heartfelt celebration!

Table of Contents