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How to Write the Date and Time on Wedding Invitations

A blank wedding invitation with matching wedding bands, orange flowers, and a fountain pen laying on a table

When it comes to wedding invitations, the details matter. Along with the design and wording, the way you write the date and time can set the tone for your entire celebration. Here’s a simple guide on how to get it right.

Understanding Invitation Etiquette

Invitation etiquette is all about setting the correct tone for your event and providing all the necessary information in a clear and elegant manner. This includes properly formatting the date and time.

Writing the Date

The traditional way to write the date on a formal wedding invitation is to spell out the day, month, and year. Numbers are not typically used, except in the year. Here’s an example:

Correct: Saturday, the sixteenth of May, two thousand twenty-three
Incorrect: Saturday, 5/16/2023

Including the Day of the Week

Including the day of the week is optional but recommended, as it gives guests an immediate understanding of when the event will be taking place. If you choose to include the day of the week, make sure it is written out in full and appears at the beginning of the date line.

Writing the Time

The time on your wedding invitation should also be written out in words rather than numbers, with the hour followed by “o’clock”. If your wedding is taking place on the half hour, you can use the phrase “half after” followed by the hour. Here’s an example:

Correct: at half after five o’clock in the evening
Incorrect: at 5:30 PM

Note that it’s traditional to use “in the morning,” “in the afternoon,” or “in the evening,” instead of AM or PM.

Considerations for Less Formal Invitations

While the above guidelines are for formal invitations, you have a bit more flexibility with less formal or casual invitations. You could choose to use numbers for the date and time. However, even in less formal invitations, it’s still best to avoid confusion by being clear and specific with your date and time details.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding and provides your guests with the essential information they need. Understanding how to correctly write the date and time on your invitations can help ensure that your guests have all the details they need and that your invitations create the perfect first impression of your big day.

Table of Contents