Bride to be opening a bridal shower gift at her bridal shower
Wedding Planning

Who Pays for a Bridal Shower?

Planning a bridal shower can be an exciting way to celebrate the bride-to-be, but it also comes with a set of financial responsibilities. While traditions

Just Engaged

The Trend of Temporary Engagement Rings

As the name suggests, a temporary engagement ring is a placeholder that is used to propose, with the intention of selecting the real or ‘forever’


The Average Cost of a Honeymoon in 2023

After all the excitement and exhilaration of planning and executing a wedding, newlyweds look forward to one thing: the honeymoon. The honeymoon is a chance

Wedding Planning

The Groom’s Speech: A Complete Guide

A groom’s speech is one of the most anticipated moments of any wedding. It’s a moment to express love, gratitude, and joy. But, crafting the

golden wedding bands sitting in a glossary
Wedding Planning

The Ultimate Wedding Glossary

Planning a wedding can be a whirlwind, and it’s no secret that the lingo can be a little confusing. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a groom,